Online J2ee Training

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A Brief History

Originally J2EE platform was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java EE features numerous API specifications, like e-mail, JDBC, RMI, web services, JMS, XML, to name some and it also explains the process of coordinating them. Learning java online training will help you build web applications.

Why Learn J2EE

J2EE in computing is the acronym of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. The programming language of Java was created by the Sun Microsystems, which is among the giants in the computer the industry. The Java Platform acts as a virtual apparatus. You can also call it something similar to processor that helps in the translation of computerized commands into specific functions. The language of Java allows cross-platform communication among the various devices. A Java code developed on a desktop can run on routers, mobile phones, and other computers as long as the devices support Java programming. Sun describes this as WORA, which means ‘Write once, run anywhere’. Numerous computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices use the Java Platform. The 2 in J2EE means Version 2. EE stands for Enterprise Edition. , EE is a powerful Java Platform type. There are 3 editions by Sun and the most precise one is Micro Edition, used in mobile phones and PDAs. Following form is abbreviated as Java ME. The Standard Edition can be run on mobile phones, laptops and desktops too. It is abbreviated as Java SE. One major benefit of J2EE is that it comes for free. One can download it anytime from the Sun Microsystems website to start with online j2ee training

Why SR International Solutions

J2EE online training has always been a special feature and there are numerous online universities offering J2EE training courses. However, tying up with us helps you gain training from real instructors. With us you can learn from anywhere anytime. You just need to connect to your internet. We will arrange for a free demo whenever you need it. With us, you are at liberty to either opt for regular course or a crash course. We will train you with real examples. After the completion of each module you will have practical classes to test your understanding. We prepare our students to be able to face the interviews externally. Ours is a trustworthy organization and we offer secured payment methods.

Training Method

Our unique training methods will be of great help for the students. We ensure to provide a real instructor even if it is a Web based class. The students can interact with the instructors through web conferencing or through Skype or Messenger. Our Online Training Coordinator ensures to organize the training schedules according to the convenience of the students. In our course modules, the batch sizes vary from minimum 1 student to maximum 4 students and there is one consultant in each batch to give individual attention to each student. We also provide best training in SAP Business Objects, Informatica, .NET, Sharepoint, TIBCO.

J2EE Course Content –

  1. Introduction to XML
  2. RMI
  3. JNDI
  4. J2EE Architecture
  5. EJB 2.0 - Session Beans, Entity Beans, Message Driven Beans
  6. EJB Transactions
  7. JMS and JAAS
  8. J2EE Design Patterns
  9. Introduction to EJB 3.0(Interceptors, Entities, JPQL)
  10. Introduction to Struts 1.1