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A data warehouse consists of a computer database responsible for the collection and storage of information for a specific organization. This collection of information is then used to manage information efficiently and analyze the collected data. Although data warehouses vary in overall design, majority of them are subject oriented, meaning that the stored information is connected to objects or events that occur in reality. The data provided by the data warehouse for analysis provides information on a specific subject, rather than the functions of the company and is collected from varying sources into one unit having time-variant. Data warehousing professionals build and maintain critical warehouse infrastructure to support business and assist business executives in making smart business decisions. Warehouse ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data) is an essential part of data warehousing where the data warehousing professional populate data warehouse with information from production databases. Data warehousing professionals work with business analysts and make changes to warehouse ETL in order to maintain consistent and accurate reporting on warehouse table structures. Comprehensive Data Warehouse tutorials are made available in this section. Data Warehouse tutorials enable you to learn all necessary aspects of data warehousing. Managing data warehouses, understanding data marts, maintaining records, issues surrounding data warehousing.

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