Online PHP Training

What is PHP Language?

It is a scripting language that’s embedded with HTML. It is primarily used for dynamic Web based applications. One can easily combine PHP coding with HTML. PHP code, being a scripting language needs a PHP processor. Most of PHP’s syntax comes from the programming languages like Java, C and Perl. The benefit of using PHP is that it runs on almost any operating system and can work with maximum Web servers.

Brief history of PHP

In the year 1994 Rasmus Lerdorf came up with the PHP codes in C programming language. The PHP language back then was intended to be used for monitoring of Rasmus’s online resume and some personal details. Thus PHP was interpreted as ‘Personal Home Page’. Rasmus blended PHP with Form Interpreter and hence PHP/FI was born.

PHP code needs an interpreter application to perform various operations for different operating systems to render program outputs on the usual channel of output. Most modern web servers use PHP for processing purpose. It is also used as a separate interpreter in majority operating systems.

Why Learn PHP Online?

Online PHP training is more cost effective currently and the online course is more interesting than reading books as the online techniques are more interesting. PHP has undergone various alterations and the PHP 3 is still the most widely used versions while PHP 4 will introduce you to the Zend Engine. In PHP 4 you will learn output buffering, expansion of object oriented programming including the PCRE. The fresh features that you will learn in PHP 5 are improvement in object-oriented programming, fixing of SQLite, MySQL features supports, incorporation of SOAP support, Filter library, improved XML tools and the iterators.

Usually in an online PHP course you will be learning about the aspects like Installing the software, PHP Basics, Programming, creation of Dynamic sites, PHP and MySQL, Advanced SQL and MySQL, Error Management and Debugging, Using PHP with MySQL, developing the web applications, sessions and cookies, Web Application Security, Content Management, User Registration and E-Commerce.

What will you learn in PHP Course:

Here we provide you with brief information about the course schedule. The PHP online training includes the topics like installation and configuration of MySQL and PHP programming including setting MySQL permissions and configuring PHP. In basics you will learn PHP, Basic syntax, data sending, understanding PHP and HTML, comment writing, variable using, string using, number using and constant using.

In the realm of programming you will learn creating and managing HTML forms, maintaining the magic codes, use of conditionals and operators, validation of form data, creation and accessing of arrays, multidimensional arrays, and sorting of arrays. While dealing with dynamic web site creation you will learn the use of PHP redux, making of sticky forms, self-creation of functions, creation of argumentative functions, setting of default arguments values, date and time functions and variable scope. In PHP and MySQL you will learn about the features like choosing column types, using MySQL client, creation of database and tables, record insertion, data selection, updating and deleting of data and date and time formatting. In Advanced SQL and MySQL we will teach you creating and populating database, grouping of selected results and optimizing of database.

In error handling and debugging you will learn about general error types and debugging. Debugging HTML and displaying PHP errors are some of the essential features including the SQL and MySQL debugging techniques. In the realm of web application development you will study about an array of features starting from adjusting server settings to understanding HTTP headers.

In cookies and sessions you will come across setting and accessing cookies, deleting cookies and improving session security to name some. In web application security the important topics are prevention of multiple submissions, handling HTML and securing salt storage.

The extended topics include the features like managing file uploads, new SQL features and using PEAR. While in content management example we shall teach you template creation, URL management and downloading files. In user registration example will teach you to create templates, reset and change passwords. Lastly in E-Commerce you will come across the features like database creation, shopping cart and order recording.

Why Should You Train With SR International Solutions?

  • With us you have the convenience of learning from anywhere anytime.
  • Our trainers use real life examples during training period.
  • You can either opt for regular courses or crash courses.
  • We provide real instructors for online trainings.
  • We offer free demo according to the convenience of the students.
  • We offer practical sessions following the completion of a single module.
  • Our tests and FAQs prepare the students for interviews externally.
  • Our payment process is a secured one and it is reasonable too.

Training Methods

Our unique training methods help you train with real instructors. You can interact with the instructors through Skype and Messenger while web access is allowed for presentations. Our online training coordinators organize the training sessions according to the convenience of the students. Our batch sizes vary from 1 to 4 students as this helps in giving personal care to each of the students. We also provide best training in SAP Business Objects, Informatica, .NET, Sharepoint, TIBCO.

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