Online Oracle and DBA Training

Brief History

Oracle’s history dates back to 3 decades. It was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, Ed Oates and Bruce Scott, Oracle in August 1977. It was named as ‘Project Oracle’, which they started for their client the C.I.A. The company, which developed the program of Oracle came to be known as the ‘Systems Development Labs’ also known as SDL. These four men were destined to add a new phase in the realm of database management. SDL in 1978 was renamed as Relational Software Inc (RSI).

Why Learn Oracle

Opting for oracle training online will introduce you to the various versions of Oracle and Oracle version 3 makes use of the C programming language. This enables it to run in minicomputers, mainframes and PCs as well. Oracle 3 supports SQL statement execution and transaction. Oracle improved its product with version 4. Learning Oracle 4 will help you to understand the utilities of export and import. It has a report writer that helps to create reports on the basis of queries. If you are into business expansion then Oracle 5 is the tool for you. This version has the ability to connect to the client’s software to a database server through a network. You will also learn the clustering technology.

In Oracle 5.1 you will learn about distributed queries. In Oracle you will learn about SQL Plus for impromptu data access and report creation. Oracle version 6 will introduce you to PL/SQL language. In this version you will learn OLTP high-speed systems, hot backup ability and locking at row level. The hot back-up feature allowed the DBAs to go for backup works even when the database is online. Oracle 7 will empower you to use the stored procedures including the triggers for implementing the business-rules. Oracle 8 will enable you to work with HTML, Java and OLTP while Oracle 8.1 supports Java and HTTP.

With Oracle 9i you can enjoy the facility of Oracle Real Application Cluster. Thanks to Oracle 9i you will learn about the technology of table compression that reduces the table size by apparently 3 to 10 times while the performance is increased when the tables are accessed. Oracle 10g will introduce you to Grid Computing Technology while in Oracle 11 you will learn a world of other applications to help you with your business. Some of the features in Oracle 11 are Oracle Database Replay, Transaction Management, Virtual Column Partitioning, Case Sensitive Passwords, Online Patching and Parallel Backups.

Course Schedule

At SRISNS we teach a world of features related to online oracle DBA training. Our oracle online courses schedules include Oracle Database Server Concepts & Architecture, Oracle DB Administration & Management and Instance Management, DB Creation. We also teach how to manage the table spaces and the data files/temp files. With us you will learn more about Table spaces. Managing the parameter file is an important aspect in our course. Our students also learn about managing control files and Redo of log Groups. One of our essential aspects comprise of users and session management. You will learn users management extensively. Oracle networking in the realm of oracle apps online training is an important aspect in our course. We also teach Oracle Networking II as our students get introduced to the aspects of Backup & Recovery. We teach extensively about user managed Backup & Recovery. The Recovery scenarios form a major part of the backup and recovery segment.

A major part of the course comprise of RMAN Introduction. Following the introduction you will come across the features like RMAN Backups and RMAN Recovery. With SRISNS you will learn the features like Logical Backup, Using data pump utilities, DB Flashback feature, Log miner, and DB Patch Management.

Some of the other important features of our online oracle certification course are Automatic Storage Management (ASM), DB Up gradation & Migration, and Data Guard involving the Creation and Management of Standby Databases. You will learn more about Data Guard while learning about maintenance of standby database.

The realm of Performance Tuning and Management will introduce you to the prime aspect of Tuning. In this segment you will continue to learn about Tuning & Replications. Lastly the oracle courses online will introduce you to the features like Troubleshooting DB Issues, OEM Grid control and the new features in 11g including the RAC concepts. The oracle SQL training online is an important feature in online oracle course.

Why Us

Why should you learn oracle online with SR International Solutions?
  • Training with SRISNS gives you the convenience of deciding your own time and own place. You do not have to attend our classes personally.
  • Our course lets attend free demo classes at your convenience.
  • We offer real instructors for live training online.
  • You can chose from regular or crash courses at your convenience.
  • We train you with real life examples.
  • We arrange for practical sessions after each module is completed.
  • Our tests and FAQ’s prepare you for external interviews.
  • Our payment sources are secured and we charge you reasonably.

Training Methodology

The specialty in our training methods:
  • We have instructors to lead the web based classes.
  • The students can interact with their instructors through Skype, Messenger or conference calls.
  • Our students can attend presentations by accessing the internet.
  • Our online training coordinator is in charge of organizing training sessions.
  • Usually the size of a batch varies from 1-4 students as this facilitates personal care from the instructor.
  • We also provide best training in SAP Business Objects, Informatica, .NET, Sharepoint, TIBCO.